Integrated Signal Processing Group Alumni

Eythan Familier, Ph.D. (2016)
Thesis: Spurious Tone Mitigation in Fractional-N Phase-Locked Loops [PDF]

Christian Venerus, Ph.D. (2013)
Thesis: Delta-Sigma FDC Based Fractional-N PLLs with Multi-Rate Quantizing Dynamic Element Matching [PDF]

Nevena Rakuljic, Ph.D. (2012)
Analog Devices
Thesis: A Generalized Tree-Structured DEM DAC and Enhanced Harmonic Distortion Correction in Pipelined ADCs [PDF]

Gerry Taylor, Ph.D. (2011)
Analog Devices
Thesis: Mostly Digital ADCs for Highly-Scaled CMOS Processes [PDF]

Kevin Wang, Ph.D. (2010)
Thesis: Spur Reduction Techniques for Fractional-N PLLs [PDF]

Andrea Panigada, Ph.D. (2009)
Co-Founder, Linear Silicon Solutions (now Microchip Technology)
Thesis: Harmonic Distortion Correction in Pipelined Analog to Digital Converters [PDF]

Kok-Lim Chan, Ph.D. (2007)
Thesis: High Speed, High Resolution Digital-to-Analog Converters [PDF]

Ashok Swaminathan, Ph.D.(2006)
Thesis: Enabling Techniques for Low Power, High Performance Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers [PDF]

Eric Siragusa, Ph.D. (2004)
MHC America, LLC & MHP Funds, LLC
Thesis: Digitally Enhanced High Resolution Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Conversion [PDF]

Sheng Ye, Ph.D. (2003)
Co-Founder, MaxLinear
Thesis: Phase Realignment and Phase Noise Suppression in PLLs and DLLs [PDF]

Jared Welz, Ph.D. (2002)
NXP Semiconductors
Thesis: The Analysis and Design of Mismatch Shaping Digital-to-Analog Converters [PDF]

Sudhakar Pamarti, Ph.D. (2002)
Associate Professor at UCLA
Thesis: Enabling Techniques for Wide Bandwidth Fractional-N Phase Locked Loops [PDF]

Eric Fogleman, Ph.D. (2000)
Thesis: Enabling Techniques for High-Resolution Analog-to-Digital Conversion in IC Fabrication Processes Optimized for Digital Circuits [PDF]

Henrik Jensen, Ph.D. (1997)
NXP Semiconductors
Thesis: Analyses of Dynamic Element Matching Techniques for Data Conversion [PDF]

Colin Weltin-Wu, Postdoctoral Fellow (2014 – 2015)
Analog Devices

Reetika Agarwal, M.S. (2016)

Amitoj Singh, M.S. (2016)

Aishwarya Balakrishnan, M.S. (2016)

Robert Dahljelm (Ben), M.S. (2014)
Mentor Graphics

Guobi Zhao, M.S. (2014)

Huanhui Zhan (Jason), M.S. (2014)
Silicon Labs

Jason Remple, M.S. (2012)
Microchip Technology

Jianyu Zhu, M.S. (2009)

Erica Poole, M.S. (2005)
Peregrine Semiconductor

Jaspreet Bhatia, M.S. (2004)
IQ Analog

Asaf Fishov, M.S. (2002)

Alan Lewis, M.S. (2002)

Bill Huff, M.S. (1998)