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Welcome to the Cadence Users Group at University of California, San Diego. This webpage contains information about Cadence Design Tools used in various classes and for state-of-the art research projects at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Cadence products used in the courses and research labs at UCSD:

  • AMS
  • NC-Sim
  • APS
  • Innovus
  • NC-Sim(NC-Verilog)
  • Genus
  • Quantus
  • Tempus
  • Voltus
  • Allegro-SIP
  • Custom IC
  • Digital IC
  • SpectreRF
Research Projects

Prof. Andrew B. Kahng VLSI CAD lab:

Directed by Prof. Andrew B. Kahng, performs research in the areas of advanced digital IC implementation listed at

Group Members:

Prof. Tzu-Chien Hsueh lab: Integrated Communication Circuits Lab

High-Speed Integrated Silicon-Photonic Transceivers for Broadband Electrical and Optical Communication Systems

Group Members: Ruoman Yang, Yisu Cang, Ziyuan Ning

Prof. Patrick Mercier Energy-Efficient Microsystems lab:

The Energy-Efficient Microsystems Lab @ UCSD, led by Prof. Patrick Mercier, endeavors to imagine, create, prototype, and test systems for applications that can only

be realized through extreme miniaturization of electronic devices. Since batteries nearly always limit system size, miniaturization requires either innovation in energy

efficiency, or in ways to increase the energy available to the system. Applications targeted include biomedical electronics and ubiquitous computing/sensing.

Group members:

Prof. Drew Hall lab:

Directed by Prof. Drew Hall, performs research in the areas of biosensors, bioelectronics, and instrumentation. Projects can be found on our website.

Group members:

UCSD Courses

Cadence is used in the following courses:

ECE 203: Biomedical Integrated Circuits and Systems

ECE 164: Analog Inegrated Circuit Design

ECE 165: Digital Integrated Circuit Design

ECE 260A: VLSI Digital System Algorithms and Architectures

ECE 260B: VLSI Integrated Circuits and Systems Design

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